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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Action Plans: 4-Week Meal Plans to Heal the Immune System and Restore Overall Health


The Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Action Plans: 4-Week Meal Plans to Heal the Immune System and Restore Overall Health

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Action Plans: 4-Week Meal Plans to Heal the Immune System and Restore Overall Health

From the creators of the New York Times bestseller, Paleo for Every Day So much in life is beyond our control. Your diet doesn’t have to be. Authors Dorothy Calimeris and Sondi Bruner bring first-hand experience of coping with chronic inflammation. They learned that by focusing on the foods we eat, we can soothe the inflammation in our bodies. Let them show you how to conquer chronic inflammation by developing a customized anti-inflammatory diet plan and arming you with the tools to suppor

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Music Finder


Music Finder

Music Finder

  • Find your favorite music
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AMERICAN HEALTH Royal Brittany, Evening Primrose Oil 1300mg, 60ct x 2 Bottles

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Piano Music by Beethoven


Piano Music by Beethoven

One of the greatest figures in music between the classical and romantic periods was Ludwig Van Beethoven. His output was very diverse and extremely innovative for is time. Much if it is still very technically demanding for players today, though some of his works are accessible to younger students as well. Playing works by Beethoven is a must for every serious pianist.

Piano Sonatas

In his lifetime, Beethoven wrote thirty two sonatas for piano. These sonatas are masterpieces, displaying Beethoven’s mastery and expansion of this classical form. He played with people’s expectations regarding modulations and prolongation of sections, especially transitions. Beethoven was a master of motives and often worked small motives into his pieces, developing them as they went along. Many of these are still easy recognizable to the general public today, such as the opening motive of the Moonlight Sonata or, though not a sonata, the intense four note opening of his fifth symphony. The piano sonatas are exciting and dramatic solo pieces for a recital or for your own personal enjoyment. In difficulty, they range from intermediate to very challenging.

Piano Concertos

Beethoven also wrote five concertos for piano with orchestra. In his concertos, Beethoven made sure that the orchestra part was of equal importance to the piano part which made the works very exciting. They stayed true to the form, though expanding in areas, much like he did with sonata form, especially in re-transitional material and codas. Like his sonatas, he often developed material throughout the piece, not just in the development section of traditional form.

Piano Trios and Quartets

In addition, Beethoven wrote twelve piano trios and four piano quartets. These works were written as chamber music for piano and other instruments, often woodwind instruments since they were quite novel and popular at the time, though also string instruments. These works are excellent for those wishing to collaborate with other musicians in performance.


Those pianists who are interested in accompaniment will enjoy the huge collection of songs Beethoven wrote. His An die ferne Geliebte is actually considered the first true song cycle ever written. The harmonic content is most definitely Beethoven as is the motivic development. In the final song in the cycle, themes heard in the first song return, tying the work together nicely. He composed other song cycles too, as well as individual songs.


Twenty two of Beethoven’s works are theme and variations. These are the least formally adventurous of the pieces discussed, though they do still attempt to thwart expectations with movement to unexpected tonal areas. Many of these include interesting themes from composers who are no longer well known. They are definitely enjoyable and stimulating to play.

Other Compositions

In addition, Beethoven wrote a piano fantasia, a polonaise, a set of two rondos as well as a standalone rondo a capricco, two preludes which move through all the major keys and a notturno for viola and piano. These explore other compositional forms, though the idea of expanding the forms and challenging tonal expectations is ever present.

Whether you wish to explore only one type of composition or a multitude of different types, Beethoven has written something of value for you. Though Beethoven’s music is extremely significant historically, that is not the only reason to spend time learning his pieces. Pianists and their audiences still find power and beauty in the many works of the great composer, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

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Healthy Lifestyle the Vegan Way


Vegetarianism and veganism are quickly becoming more popular choices of diet for many people in North America.  Some groups of people choose to change to these types of diets for moral or ethical reasons.  These believe that the production and consumption of meats are not only cruel to the animals, but are doing great damage to our environment.  Many more groups of people are choosing this lifestyle in order to improve their overall health.

A vegetarian or vegan diet has been proven to improve the health of our population.  The biggest health benefit is that this way of life significantly reduces cholesterol levels.  Meat, especially the red variety, contributes greatly to high cholesterol levels in human beings.  Reduced cholesterol equals reduced risk of heart attack.  A vegetarian diet also consists of less saturated fat often found in meats which leads to a lower chance of heart disease. 

A diet consisting of mainly fruit and vegetables reduce the risk of ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction and angina (all of which are common in older people) due to the fact that they are high in folic acid, carotenoids, dietary fibers, potassium, and flavonoids.  A vegetarian diet has also shown to lower blood pressure due to lower sodium intake, to help with diabetes due to the high fiber and complex carbohydrates found in plant foods, and to help in the prevention of some types of cancer.

There are several types of vegetarianism to consider.  A true vegan consumes only plant based food.  Vegans do not include any dairy products, honey, or eggs in their diet.  They also avoid processed sugars since these tend to have animal by-products included in them.  Soy substitutes for most of these products are available.  It is virtually impossible to become overweight if one is a true vegan, and vegans tend to be extremely healthy beings.  A flexitarian, or semi-vegetarian consumes limited quantities of meat.  Often this type of vegetarian will add some fish or lean chicken to their diet periodically in order to add protein.  Lacto-ovo vegetarians allow eggs and dairy products in their diets, but no animal flesh products at all, while Lacto vegetarians allow dairy products, but no eggs.

Many critics may voice concern of the lack of protein or certain nutrients in a vegetarian or vegan diet.  Not to worry, there is a multitude of people who lead much healthier lives without meat.  There are much healthier sources of protein other than the flesh of animals.  One such source is quinoa (pronounced keen-wah).  It is a whole grain that not only provides high protein, but all essential amino acids as well.  Beans, lentils, legumes, tofu, nuts, seeds, and meat substitutes also offer a great deal of protein.

It may take some planning to have a well balanced vegetarian diet, but it is not impossible or even difficult.  The health benefits and energy levels you will enjoy more than compensate for the trouble you have had to go to in planning your menu.  Not only are you helping your environment and animals, you are boosting your health through healthy cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, less of a chance of obesity (leading to less chance of developing diabetes), and less chance of contracting food -born illnesses. 

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The inhabitants of the Amazonian cities live new experiences thanks to gifts of nature testing substance psychoactive as Ayahuasca.

Tribes like Zoe use the forest as a tool for lifestyle.

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It’s been a thing for the older generation or for the people who are spiritually inclined. You will not hear this kind of music coming from the room of any teenagers, newly married or even from the age group of 30-45. People get spiritual only after a certain age where they want to devote most of their time in presence of the Almighty.

Devotional music hasn’t been on the rise, though there has been a trend of having a devotional song sung at the beginning of every concert or music show in India. Let the concert have a theme of Bollywood night, still the singer will start with some devotional song.

There are many Indian playback singers who have sung devotional songs or have albums that are spiritual. But there are some singers who are specifically known for their caliber in this genre. They are famous as singers, but have their place set up in this field as well.
Singers like Roop Kumar Rathod, Anuradha Paudwal, Anup Jalota and many more have made their place in the devotional music category. Today’s well known artist Sunali Rathod has now marked her niche is their area. She is the wife of Roop Kumar Rathod. Sunali has been very promising in contemporary as well as devotional scene. Such are the talents of Indian music industry.

Generation of today will not stand this kind of music. Leave alone teenagers, even the age group up to 45-50 will avoid listening to them. It’s only after that you have lived your life and you seem content do they want to listen to something which peaceful and does not include any loud beats. They want to hear soulful voice and good lyrics. Where can you get all that except in the praise for God?

Let’s try and listen to one good devotional song every morning. It is said that when you listen to God prayers first thing in the morning, it lightens up your whole day.

Why not give this a try and experience the new beginning. 

This article talks about two good devotional singers,  Roop Kumar Rathod and Sunali Rathod . 

Sports Camps


What do you think of when you think of sports camps? Most of us think of the summer camps that we went to as kids. Keep in mind that sports camp weren’t all that popular back when we were kids. Most camps consisted of a few activities and a few volunteer counselors to attend to the sugar- high loaded kids that had been dumped on them for the summer. Sport camps are more modern and safer for kids than it was 20 years ago. Now there are just as many camps as there are sports.

Many of you would probably think of sports such as, hockey, baseball, basketball, football, fishing, archery, and racing. If you play it, they have a camp for it. Even for the events that you may not think is a sport. Such as, horseback riding, jumping, showing, or even hunting is considered a sport. They are not just for the athletes anymore. They are for anyone who has any interest in sports. Many people join sports camps to become more active and to have healthier lives.

Camps are beneficial for many reasons. Athletes take advantage of them to stay in shape and improve their skills for the next season, and parents see them as social playgrounds for their children to meet and make new friends, and quite possibly to learn the skills to become the next greatest player. Not only will they learn the skills of sports, but they will also learn skills of socialization and sportsmanship. Those who play as a team benefit the most.

Most camps provide their own equipment and activities for the campers to enjoy. Camps usually only last a few weeks out of the summer, but there are a few that last all summer long. Those are usually for the serious competitors looking to get an advantage on honing their skills to perfection.

Some campers may get an opportunity to meet a scout for a chance to play professionally, and if all goes well they could play for the big leagues. So when you are thinking of sending your children to camp for the summer keep in mind that they can learn and have fun at the same time. Get them involved in choosing which camp they would like to join and if they want they can join more than one. I think children should be diverse in sports. Let them try more than one to see which they are best at.

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